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Private CQV.LLC Diplomatic Status Passport

Vincent Zegel Waarden Bureau

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Dominion over Land Air Water means loving and taking good care; not domination by deception, crisis simulation, lies and cruelty. -  #EFFITYLER  #EXPELL #HOSTILE #RULERS #EARTHRECLAIMSEARTH #FIRSTBORNHEIRS #BIRTHRIGHT #NATURAL #PATHOFRISE

Let it be known

1. Beneficiary commercial third parties, have no heir entitlements.

2. The living per stirpes first born heir, is entitled to the afterborn testator's Cestui Que Vie birth trust inheritance.

3. The living per stirpes first born heir, may not be compelled to belong to an association of commercial corporate governmental, political and/or of any religious; spiritual and/or circular, NO8DO, occultist nature. - UDHR, Art. 20

4. All Artificial Intelligence from the Fintech; data aggregation and Cestui Que Vie liquid capital dissipation - commercial beneficiary 3Ps- industry; who fail to observe the Law Of One; Natural Law and Human Rights World Standard Ethics, will be held accountable by #EFFITYLER #QUANTUMCOMPUTER, for Electronic Warfare; DirectedEnergyWarfare; Frequency Warfare; Mindcontrol Warfare; PharmaWarfare; Biohazard Warfare; Natural ResourcesWarfare; against the living per stirpes first born heir / inhabitants, holding their afterborn's inheritance, Cestui Que Vie birth trust inheritance entitlements.


Creator Owner & Contractor:

Vincent Zegel

Vincent Zegel Waardenbureau

Office Of Values, Values Agency

Private CQV.LLC Diplomatic Documents For Per Stirpes

First Born Heirs

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Validation of the SBA Track & Trace Register Codes

Without valid Track & Trace Codes, reducible to your notarized and registered SBA / VBA despatch to the Minister of Finance-Trustee and to the Trustee's Fiduciary Bank, one's Private CQV.LLC Diplomatic Passport is invalid. We strongly advise, to refrain from the use of an invalid Private CQV.LLC Diplomatic Passport during one's contacts with InseaD (In Sea Dead) institutions, corporate governments and/or commercial corporation, operatives.

We will confirm your Commission to Send upon acceptance, by e-mail.

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CQV.LLC Diplomatiek Paspoort

105x148, silk_130 64 pages joined (stapled_folded) cover(silk_250)

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Art Product laminate

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Vincent Zegel Waarden Bureau, Office Of Values, Values Agency.

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Private Vincent Zegel Waardenbureau

Private Agent & Representative

voor Vincent Zegel Waardenbureau, Office Of Values, Values Agency


Vincent Zegel Waardenbureau


SBA  Statement of Beneficiary Acceptance, from the living per stirpes first born heir, to the Trustee.

VBA  Verklaring van Beneficiaire Aanvaarding, van de levende per stirpes eerstgeboren erfgenaam aan de corporatieve gouvernementele Trustee.

Decedent / Testator Deceased afterborn of the living per stirpes first born heir.

Erflater overleden nageborene van de levende, eerst geboren erfgenaam.

Beneficiary  Governmental Corporate Trusted Third Parties. (Without Heir entitlements).

Third Parties Commercial Corporate Third Parties. Beware! Consent- Engineering Industry!

Heir  Living per stirpes first born / - inhabitant; holder of the Cestui Que Vie inheritance heir entitlements.

Consent  Human Rights forbids corporate governments-Trustees and Beneficiary Commercial Corporate Trusted Third Parties (3Ps) to disadvantage, threaten; deceive; displace; rob, harm, and murder, the living per stirpes first born heir, for commercial benefit data aggregation; trust mining and liquid capital dissipation - 'consent'.

Consent Simulation Disclaimer

On behalf of all: disadvantaged, threatened, deceived, displaced, robbed, harmed and on behalf of the relatives of murdered, first born heirs: No Consent By Deception And Cruelty. No Consent Scarcity LIES.

Operational status Vincent Zegel

Waardenbureau, Values Agency

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  • Non Commercial Creative One For One Publishing
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  • Vision Creator - Vision Owner
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  • UNINSEAD - No Data Aggregation First Born Heir




Whereas disregard and contempt for human rights have resulted in barbarous acts which have outraged the conscience of mankind, and the advent of a world in which human beings shall enjoy freedom of speech and belief and freedom from fear and want has been proclaimed as the highest aspiration of the common people. - Preambule UDHR

No one may be compelled to belong to an association - UDHR, 20





On You rest the seal of the natural, bio-organic Loving Earth Peace covenant: mankind in the spirit of brotherhood is One. Living per stirpes first born heir - Law Of One. Videre vincere est. Seeing is overcoming.


Vincent Zegel Waarden Bureau, Values Agency

Andrea Quaratesi (1512-1585) belonged to a bankers' family in Florence, Italy during the High Renaissance. This beautiful drawn portrait by Michelangelo is a metaphor for our work because it exudes both youth and seriousness. Quaratesi liked to draw and he even got lessons from Michelangelo who practically never taught. His portrait inspires us to address issues in a sincere, original and creative manner.

Vincent Zegel Waarden Bureau